YouTube Video Interruption Explanation



Unfortunately, this image represents YouTube’s Automated Content ID Program

According to YouTube’s Terms of Service,

      Content ID scans all live streams and Hangouts on Air for third-party content. When Content ID identifies third-party content, a placeholder image may replace your live broadcast until Content ID no longer detects third-party content. In some cases, it may terminate your live broadcast. Live streams and Hangouts on Air can also be terminated if they receive a copyright strike or a Community Guidelines strike.

      Please understand that a Content ID claim may interrupt your live broadcast even if you licensed the third-party content in question, or even if you restricted your broadcast to a territory in which you own all the necessary rights. If a third party has claimed the content in your video through Content ID, you may ask the content owner to whitelist your channel to facilitate future live streams and Hangouts on Air.


In the event that a video is not showing, it is most likely that YouTube’s automated Content ID program has interrupted programming due to an assumed Copyright Infringement of either the audio or video. All content aired on any channel of the NEWEYE Network is either verified Public Domain, within the Creative Commons use, or has been licensed for broadcast with permissions granted by the content creator. However, during livestream broadcasts, Content ID has the ability to interrupt programming until it automatically resolves the issue. This can delay broadcast for a short period of time or for the entirety of the program.

Any airing of material that is copyrighted is against NEWEYE policy. If you suspect that a program is copyrighted, please contact us at so that we may remove the program from our lineup. Thank you.

We apologize for any inconvenience YouTube’s Automated Content ID program has caused you.